What are Banner Ads?

Banner ads are digital marketing tools that are used mainly to let people know about a certain promotion, product, or brand. They are designed to direct users to a specific webpage or landing page through what is known as an ad click. Even though people tend to hate them, they are still considered to be one of the most dominant forms of advertising online.

Because banner ads work with a pay system, their performance is measured by their click-through rate (CTR) – the ratio of clicks you get and the number of users visiting the site.

Not all people visiting a site will click on banners – that is a reality. That is why marketers have become even more creative in designing banners to increase click-through rates.

What are the Advantages of using Banner Ads?

Builds Brand Image and Reputation
Banner campaigns can improve a brand’s image by showcasing unique designs, colors, and a sense of creativity that is put on display on a well-designed banner.

Can Improve Business Performance
Banners allow you to gain insight on your ad campaign by accessing statistics such as clicks, views, and sales, and use the collected data to improve your business.

Allows You to Target Your Audience
Banners can be strategically-used to specifically target your audience. You can customize your campaigns to reach a specific type of audience and get the following that you want.

Tips to Make Your Banners Compelling

  • Make it appealing.
    People are visual creatures. That is why you have to make your banners visually-appealing. Use various animations, a mix of your brand’s colors, and stunning fonts to make your ads stand out.
  • Keep it short.
    Most people have short attention spans. They won’t spend a long time reading long sections of text. They might even just see your ad for a moment. So keep your message short to make it stick in that short span of time.
  • Be clear
    Be straight to the point with your message. Don’t try to say too much. A one-liner that is clear and catchy will do. The clarity should go for call-to-actions, too.

Do You Need a Banner, Bruce?

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